Florida Firefighter Jobs

CTAE / NTN - Ocala, Florida

Florida's CPAT and Firefighter Testing Facility at National Testing Network
IAFF Licensed

Apply for Florida Firefighter jobs, EMT jobs, EMS jobs and Paramedic jobs all in one place. Take one test and apply for all fire job listings.

Take one test for all departments. All testing will take place at NTN Testing Center at Ocala, Florida.

There are always fire departments hiring on NTN. Each fire department job has a complete description of benefits, deadlines and minimum requirements.

Fill out the firefighter job application at home, update your work history at any time. Schedule a test time at your convenience. If a department you apply to requires a CPAT, you can schedule one at NTN. You can take a CPAT on the same day as your standard test.

All testing takes place at the NTN Testing Center in Ocala, Florida.

Advantages to applying with NTN:
  • One Application
  • Update Resumes and Personal Information Anytime
  • Schedule Your Test when it is Convenient for You
  • Test for All Departments at One Time
  • Weekly Testing
  • Lower Cost
  • CPAT Tests Avalible Weekly
  • Consistent and Fair Administration

Jumpstart your firefighter career, apply now!

National Testing Network is the starting place for applying to firefighter job postings

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